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A couple with halloween body paint costume of Freddy and Jason

Body Painting . Face Painting . SFX Makeup

Unique Halloween Looks

Need a horde of zombies for a haunted maze? What about living gargoyles to terrify your guests? Or do you need a jaw-dropping Halloween costume that's truly stunning!

Reserve your Body/Face Painting artist for haunted event staff costuming, custom Halloween costumes, or UV blacklight & SFX makeup.

Halloween Body / Face Painting Price List

Halloween Gallery

Halloween Event Decor . Store Front Displays

Window Painting

Our artists are on-hand for creating elaborate Window Splash. Window painting can add enhance the decor and ambiance of a Halloween-themed party, create the right effect for production sets, or drive attention to a Halloween storefront window.


Hire the Best

Reserve Your Artist

Halloween is a busy time for our professional face/body artists and availability is limited. Request a quote and reserve your artist...before it's too late!