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Full torso tiger tattoo makeup for actors in television commercial for Universal's TED 2

Television Commercial

Universal Pictures: Ted 2

Hand-painted and Airbrushed Tattoo Makeup

Spike TV knows how to do Ted 2 Tattoos right! More than just a foul mouth teddy bear with an attitude, Ted 2 came alive when Spike TV aired a three-part commercial series promoting the sequel to Ted the movie by Universal Studios.

We had the honor of being on set to provide realistic actor tattoos of "Ted" for the promotional commercial production. From low back and chest pieces of the fuzzy little Ted man, to a full torso tiger tattoo, and even the arm tattoos for the tattoo "artist"...ALL are the skilled handiwork of Artistic L.A.

Simply getting the chance body paint someone is always an adventure, but to be able to fool-the-eye so people can't tell if a tattoo is a real or fake is simply the best kind of challenge. This piece for Ted 2 and Spike TV put that challenge to the ultimate ALA test! Can you spot the real tattoos from the Artistic L.A. temporary tattoo makeup?

Artistic LA also wanted to give a huge shout out to the production team of this project! They were above and beyond professional and personable and we had such an amazing experience working with them. Thank you Universal and SpikeTV for sending us the A Team!

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