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Beyonce performing Sorry for her music video Lemonade

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Beyoncé: Lemonade

Services: Body Paint Costuming

Artistic L.A. felt beyond privileged for the opportunity to work with Beyoncé and her crew, when we body painted her formation girls for the world renowned music video Lemonade.

It was an all-day event creating the full-body gold look for six females models. We had to test which tone of the gold read best on camera when applied to skin, so we played with hues of yellows and oranges intermittent with the gold. We also used the coloring to conceal the coverups that the girls were required to wear. They are a silicon based mini thong and pasty that cover all private parts, so not only did we abide by Union rules that there is no nudity on set, but it also helped the girls feel comfortable and confident in their performance.

During the shoot, we also got to meet and consult with Sir John, the make-up artist for Queen B and hang-out and play with Chris Geez, makeup artist for the dancers. He loved the gold so much he wanted some "face adornment" around his beard. Our lead artist, Karina Konupek, was more than happy to give Chris a saucy gold outline to his beard and golden hand accent for a photo op.

In post production, the team decided to color the footage of the girls in black and white, but you can still see the sheen and smoothness of the paint as the girls strut through the fields, creating an ever-so-gorgeous and strong female presence.

Creating and painting with Beyoncé and her incredible team was truly an experience that goes down in the Artistic LA books. We are beyond grateful that ALA was entrusted to work on such an important and impactful project and can't wait to do it again in the future.

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