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Halloween mummy clutching a heinz ketchup bottle

Promotional Event

Heinz Halloween

Hallowen Face Painting Demonstrations & Live Costume Design

Thick, red Heinz Ketchup has long been an inexpensive go-to for Halloween blood FX. Heinz decided to embrace the annual attention by creating a Halloween-themed costume kits complete with a makeup palette, makeup brush set, rhinestone sheet, tattoo sheet, vampire wings, spooky eyelashes, and, of course, a bottle of Tomato Blood. To debut their new product launch and get into the Halloween spirit, HEINZ opened the first-ever HEINZ Halloween pop-up Store at the famous Santa Monica Place mall.

For ten days the Heinz Halloween store invited guests in for an engaging and interactive costume shopping experience. Because the promotional event store had a limit run, it was imperative to grab attention fast! To help entice foot-traffic at the busy Santa Monica Place, Artistic L.A. provided daily, live Halloween makeup demonstrations in the storefront window. The face painting demonstrations ranged in style; showing people how to create a face-paint costumes that ranged from beautiful feminine looks to creepy corpse brides.

As shoppers toured the store, they could splatter paint wall art in ketchup, eat some tasty treats (all the pair well with ketchup), find selfie spots, and of course…shop for the perfect Halloween costume!

In addition to Halloween makeup tutorials, Artistic L.A. was also demonstrating costume design by adding Halloween blood and gore FX using everyone's favorite condiment! Heinz provided a series of pristine white costumes, and Artistic L.A. added distressing, painting, and ketchup blood to create mummies, ghost brides, zombies, pirates, and more. The intention of the live costume tutorials was to capture interest and provide inspiration for shoppers. However, most shoppers were more interested in purchasing an Artistic L.A. read-to-go costume than a do-it-yourself design.

This was truly an amazing promotion event, and Artistic L.A. was ever so grateful to part of the Hallowen MAGIC!

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