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Merman body painting project for POPSURGAR's Crafty AF

Streaming Series


Body Painting Artist Competitor

Artistic L.A.'s lead professional body artist, Karina Konupek, already has award to her name, but POPSUGAR's Crafty AF was her first on-camera competition.

Joselyn Hughes was the host of POPSUGAR's Crafty AF streaming weekly on Facebook Watch. In each episode, two pro-artists were brought together and challenged to complete a unique, on-trend project in a limited amount of time. To add to the chaos, the "Wheel of Challenge" added unpredictable obstacles in the artist's path.

Karina's human canvas, Zach Graves, brought natural sass to the project, but airbrushed scale texture, gold foil, beard glitter, and lashes added the rest. Karina opted to hand-paint the mermaid body makeup base to avoid any mechanical malfunctions, relying on her experience and speed with a brush. An airbrush was used for fine mermaid costume details like scales and artistic stencil flourishes.

"We're taking our latest episode under the sea as our body-painting gurus go to battle to see who can create the most magical mermaids. The expertise of our savvy contestants shines through in episode five as they transform regular people into mystical creatures in an intense two hours. Prepare to watch the fins fly as our body artists attempt to produce their best work yet — with vibrating exercise machines and snorkels thrown into the mix!"

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