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Teacup style face painting for Air Quotes music video

Music Video

Air Quotes: Not a Teacup

Artistic Direction & Face Painting

"Not a Teacup" by Airquotes Music is an emotional piece that seeks to "validate, represent, and empower" those who question their value.

"When I was a teen, the girls in my youth group were given teacups to represent our (assumed) virginity - precious and unbroken. A broken teacup can be fixed, but the cracks will always be there." That event in Michelle Cohen's life served as the thematic inspiration for "Not a Teacup." In preparation for this music video, hundreds of vintage teacups were salvaged or donated by friends and family.

Artistic Direction

Inspired by the 2011 music video Belgian-Australian singer-songwriter Gotye, it was determined to create the gradual transformation of Michelle Cohen into a cracking teacup using stop motion filmography. Artistic L.A.'s Karina Konupek provided the Creative Direction, determining the best areas to start and stop to give the right transformative effect.

Michelle Cohen sourced the blue-floral white dress reminiscent of a Delft Blue teacup. It was decided that the painting would continue in a similar pattern found on the dress to gradually cover Michelle and then begin to crack. Artistic L.A.'s artist, Aleah, completely nailed the design that had to gradually develop between cuts. We were are thrilled with the outcome and the team work.

Creative Direction: Artistic L.A. / Karina
Painting: Artistic L.A./ Aleah
MUA: Kseniya Bernkhardt


At the end of 2022, Mattan & Michelle Cohen decided to submit "Not a Teacup" to the festival circuit where it has received:

Best Music Video with Independent Shorts Awards
· Best Music Video for Lady Filmmmakers Festival
· Honorable Mention Music Video for California Indies
· Best Women's Short and Outstanding Achievement in Special Makeup for Indie Short Fest

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